Let’s All Welcome Dave and Willina!

Dave and Willina and Arthur

Dave and Willina and Arthur

We are very happy to introduce our charming friends Dave and Willina! They will be on-site at Moonfish Villas until April 2020. They have spent time previously as guests, and so have a great feel for the area and will be sure to share their favourite spots!

We are lucky to call this couple neighbours as well, as Dave and Willina share our love of float home living here in Canada.

Dave has just retired from being a professional strata property manager for a Vancouver Island BC residential community of 645 homes

Willina has also retired from a career in Facility and Operations Administration.

Now commencing their new “retirement phase of life”, they are excited to be the new hosts of Moonfish Villas and look forward to greeting guests from around the world to St Patrick’s parish and the special island of Grenada.

They look forward to hosting the guests of Moonfish Villas and contributing to a relaxing  “Pure Grenada” vacation.

Accompanying Dave and Willina to Grenada is their 14-year-old Shih Tzu, Arthur.  Arthur might be blind, but he always greets everybody with a big tail wag. We have puppy-sat for him a number of times, and can guarantee he is a cuddle-monster!

Welcome back to Moonfish, Dave and Willina, have a fantastic winter in Grenada!


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