Which rental car company?

We are happy to recommend Azars Auto Rentals or McIntyre Brothers, through Caribbean Horizons. Both family-run companies will also deliver to Moonfish, or meet you at the airport. They also carry with them official local driving permits which saves you time and hassle.

Sam Azar and his friendly team are happy to meet you at the airport or deliver the vehicle to you here at Moonfish. We’ve been using them several years and never had a problem. They have a range of vehicles available at reasonable rates.

McIntyre Brothers have been providing us with rental cars since we first started visiting the island in 2003 and they provide well-maintained Honda CRVs with 4 doors and air conditioning, backed by a charming team with excellent customer service.

If you decide to go with another rental car company, make sure they offer an SUV or jeep of some sort (a regular car is too low for getting over some of Grenada’s giant speedbumps!), free delivery to Bathway, and that they are one of the very few companies who guarantee to have the local driving permits with them upon delivery. Otherwise, you may be forced to go all the way to Grenville with them, or on your own by taxi, to get a local permit!

We have tried other companies, and have learned the hard way that there is no comparison!

You can see their rates here:  http://caribbeanhorizons.com/car.html

Let us know if you need help booking your rental vehicle, we’ll be happy to co-ordinate with Azars or McIntyre brothers to help out.

Please note that it is important to book your rental car early, as there are limited rental vehicles on the island and the DO run out!