A Stay at MoonFish

Typically, a stay at Moonfish, Vacation Rentals in Grenada, starts with guests arriving by plane on an international flight, or on the Osprey Ferry from Carriacou. Some like to collect a rental car at the airport or the ferry drop off point, but most prefer to be collected by one of our regular drivers. If they haven’t arranged for us to pick up some groceries, a big hit for those arriving later in the evenings, they may stop at the big American IGA grocery store before driving up to Moonfish.

Upon arrival, we welcome them, introduce them to Joe and Harry, our rescue dogs, and help with bags and groceries. After a quick review of the local maps, safety details and amenities – we leave them to get settled in with welcome treats and a cold drink.

A popular solution for dinner the first night is to enjoy a stroll down the beach to the vendors in the green building adjacent to the nature centre, across from the swimming area.  Gillian’s Cafe is almost always open for lunch and dinner!

Guests who have not arranged for a car at the airport usually have their vehicle delivered the first morning after they arrive, or take advantage of one of the local taxis which will bring them to nearby Sauteurs for some groceries and lunch. A round trip currently costs $40 EC (Eastern Caribbean Dollars). We are not on any bus routes, but we’ve had (annoyingly fit) guests go for a very early walk all the way to Sauteurs, then take a bus home to avoid having to carry their shopping… generally the bus driver will drive all the way here for $5 EC per person.

There are a range of small restaurants and takeaways in Sauteurs itself, and several just out of town. There are three main small grocery stores, of which Kalico is the largest, but you can get different things at the other two. Interestingly, one is unlikely to find any fruit and no vegetables other than potatoes and onions at a grocery store, for those guests are guided to the MNIB, the Marketing Board, which is a farmers’ cooperative and features a good range of fresh local produce… you learn to eat seasonally in the tropics! There is also a local fish market in Sauteurs, where fresh fish is only $7 EC per pound (plus a dollar per pound to clean it, if desired). Mahi Mahi, Kingfish, Blackfin Tuna, and Butterfish all make a frequent appearance. With the fishing boats landing just a few feet away on the beach behind the market, the selection is always fresh!

Foodies just love Grenada, and we were lucky to discover this area in the beautiful North of the Island as it is home to a strong population of Expats, returning Grenadians, and Snowbirds. This means our area can support a wide range of restaurants and services year round, something that visitors will find lacking on either the East or West coasts of the island.

The first full afternoon at Moonfish tends to find new guests returning for a dip in the pool or to relax on the balconies as they chat or enjoy a good book, their shoulders dropping as they relax to the sound of the waves and drink in the stunning views of the beach and the tiny islands dotted across the sea.

The remainder of guests’ time at Moonfish depends on the type of travellers they are, some preferring to stay quite close to home with walks on the beach here or at Levera, lounging by the pool, and trips to nearby Belmont Estate, Rivers Rum Distillery, visiting the ‘spa’ at the River Sallee Boiling Springs, meeting local artists such as Dolliver, and taking advantage of Aggie’s hospitality!

More adventurous guests find themselves hiking to waterfalls to swim in the clear pools at their feet, wandering around some of our fantastic forts, going on whale-watching, scuba-diving, or snorkelling trips, and so much more!

Most of our guests, whether they be homebodies or explorers, love to take a trip over to Sandy Island with a picnic – a quick ride in a local wooden fishing boat. There they find a perfect little reef, shallow enough for anyone to explore safely, and with a longer area extending out for more experienced snorkelers. In Turtle-watching season, guests of all ages love staying up late to see the enormous Leatherback sea turtles (which grow up to 1500 pounds!) and sometimes smaller sea turtles as well, and we’ve had happy fishermen (and women!), birdwatchers, stargazers, and artists all enjoy their favourite hobbies in this spectacular location!

Everybody enjoys Roger and Wendy stopping buy on Sunday mornings with their range of fresh spices, honey, coconut oil, small gift baskets and local produce – a perfect solution for small gifts to slip into their suitcases for friends and family back home. They also run a stand at the big market in Grenville, which is a convenient stop near to the large fish market. Grenville is also home to Good Food, and unassuming-looking bright orange establishment with the best rotis on the island!

Frequently, the last day finds guests back on the balconies, or by the pool, taking short walks and avoiding the dreaded task of packing up and returning to real life. It’s always sad to be saying goodbye to the pelicans patrolling the beach at sunset, as guests promise to come back soon, and stay a little longer…