Getting to Grenada

Flights to Grenada

We will be updating this regularly. Please remember that it is always a good idea to check with your local travel agent, as they may have really great deals on the same flights you are booking online. When booking a flight please look for Maurice Bishop International Airport or Point Salines. The Point Salines airport was renamed a number of years ago and not all booking platforms have fully updated.  The Airport code is unchanged: GND.

Visitors can fly with the following airlines:


Fly direct with  Air Canada, who offers twice-weekly non-stop flights in and out of Grenada. Also look at West Jet, or seasonal charter flights on Sunwing.

We used to find it quite convenient to fly out of Toronto on American Airlines, but you need to change planes in Miami and book an overnight stay.


Condor flies directly to Grenada weekly from Frankfurt.

United Kingdom:

British Airways & Virgin Atlantic each provide two flights a week to Grenada from Gatwick Airport. They are ‘direct’ but one way of your flight you may have a brief stop on another idand to board additional passengers or have the plane cleaned.

United States:

Daily flights on American Airlines from Miami.

Jet Blue now offers a daily flight non-stop from New York to Grenada and often have fantastic deals!

Delta offers a weekly flight from Atlanta,Georgia.

Carriacou, Union, Bequia, Canouan:

SVG is ideal for visiting our sister island Carriacou.   SVG offers aily flights to Carriacou and Union Islands, with additonal flights depending on demand – to Bequia and Canouan

Or Take the Ferry!

You can also travel between Grenada and Carriacou via the Osprey Ferry. It’s a fantastic option and gives you a chance to view the islands from the sea, very evocative!

Please note that at this time there is no ferry to Trinidad. There is a cargo ship departing from Grenville that accepts passengers but it is extremely basic. You are self-loading cargo. Bring a peice of cardboard to sit on-deck…  seriously! There are various articles online – and even a website – about a “new Grenada -Trinidad ferry” but it has not come to fruition.  We will watch for new on this option and share any progress!

Please Note:

Unfortunately, we feel that are no longer able to recommend LIAT and Caribbean Airlines to our guests.  These are our personal opinions and observations, each traveller should search for reviews and make their own opinions.

Should you choose to book your travel with LIAT, in our experience one should be prepared for long delays, cancelled flights, moved flights with little or no notice, being bumped off booked flights for dignitaries, or even left to sit at various ariports overnight – or for days – without proper communication or support.  When I decided to finally include this as an update, our friends were sitting in Port of Spain airport, Trinidad and had been there for two full days.  A hotel was eventually provided but no food or drinks. Of course – as we found when this happens to us with LIAT – the staff cannot be found anywhere for updates or assistance.

Caribbean Airlines also has changed their ‘direct’ flights from Toronto to include and overnight or insanely early morning connection in Trinidad.

In our personal experience we have found LIAT to be the worst, but Caribbean Airlines has frequently left us with delayed and cancelled flights, poor communication. The last two times I tried to travel to Canada with them they moved my outbound flight to other days entirely (from Thursday to Sunday) with almost no notice, causing me to miss apointments and events.

Trinidad’s Port of Spain Piarco Airport features excellent home-style food for good prices in the food court outside to the left of the building in the shady sitting area.   There is also a friendly bar just left of the arrival doors. Please refrain from purchasing anything like alchohol or perfumes, etc, in Duty Free first, as you will not be allowed to take it back into the airport!

Don’t forget to Pack for a Purpose!