Packing Tips for a Beach Holiday in Grenada

Preparing for a vacation in Grenada? What to pack, and what to leave at home when planning your beach holiday!

Both Villas and The Sloop each have their own free wifi router, so bring a smartphone or tablet/laptop for long distance calls and viewing entertainment.Bring a soft fabric tote/travel satchel/beach bag to carry sunblock, camera, & reuse your water bottles whilst exploring. Some guests like to bring a soft foldable cooler for picnics.

Travel adapters. Remember that the island uses UK plugs and 220 power, but both of our villas have two double 110 North American plugs upstairs. There are only 220 plugs in The Sloop one-bedroom apartment.

We have two Helm Field Guides and binoculars available to borrow. There are a few cookbooks to enjoy, plus you will also find a selection of books to swap and share in each house. You may wish to bring your own snorkel & mask, but we do have a few adult sets and a good range of adult flipper sets to borrow if you forget!

Pack loose-fitting, lightweight cotton/linen/rayon – breathable materials in light colours. Shirts with buttons (camp shirts, bowling-type shirts) are much cooler than T-shirts. Linen or cotton trousers are ideal for evening, denim is too heavy. Capri pants are a really great alternative to long trousers for ladies who aren’t comfortable in shorts. It is very good idea to bring a few swimsuits and pairs of sunglasses!

Grenada hasn’t really got a ‘dry’ and ‘rainy’ season, more of a ‘greener’ season. It is possible to have a short rainshower any time of year, especially in the early mornings and evenings, but visits in June, and late August to the end of October have more rain than the rest of the year. Bring a light raincoat with a hood in case you get caught in a shower.

Bring a camera for memories! Waterproof point & shoot digital cameras are ideal as you can fit them in a pocket and the waterproof feature also guarantees you won’t be getting sand in your camera.

Don’t forget flipflops or sandals for the beach, and appropriate shoes for hiking and exploring… or Hashing!


Top Tip!

Seasoned travellers will advise you to pack an extra change of clothes (including a swimsuit!) in your hand-carried luggage, along with all medicines & any valuables, in case your checked-in bags go missing or are delayed.


Bring sunblock – it is expensive here and can be hard find!

Proper mosquito repellent (with DEET) is also advised. ‘Natural’ remedies are not effective here. Luckily, we generally don’t have a problem with mosquitoes at the villas due to their height and screens and the strong breeze, but they like to hide under restaurant tables and can be a nuisance when on walks! We have not yet had any Zika virus cases on the island!

Generally you will end up bringing more than you will wear, so remember you can wear something more than once! We are happy to run a load of laundry for you for a nominal fee.

What to leave at home

Please note that coloured sun cream or sunblock, and colour-changing sunblock, will permanently stain the pool, plus fabrics and should not be used at MoonFish. Similarly tinted moisturisers, self-tanning and fake tan solutions will permanently damage fabrics, including sofa cushions, towels & linens.

Please do not bring crafts that include glitter, stickers, childrens’ paint, modeling clay, glue/hot glue, etc. as they are all very difficult to clean!

Camouflage print clothing is illegal on the island. Remember to dress conservatively as the locals are very traditional. No swimwear in restaurants or shops off the beach, (even with a wrap on top!) no tight hotpants, short-short skirts, thong bikinis, etc.

You may want to bring your own beach towel for exploring, or if you are planning a split-location holiday, but Moonfish Beach Houses provides bed linens, beach, bath & hand towels, facecloths, dishcloth & tea towels (changed every 7 days). We also provide shampoo, toilet paper, and handsoap. Your kitchen starter pack includes salt & pepper, local cane sugar, bath soap, paper towel, aluminum/aluminium foil, and cling film/Saran wrap.

Pack for a Purpose

Guests often ask if there is anything they can bring to thank the locals for their warm welcome and hospitality – we have joined Pack for a Purpose and support the River Sallee Government School who are in need of school supplies and reading books for all ages, they are also in need of working laptops. We also support the GSPCA (animal rescue) so animal lovers can bring pet supplies and leashes & collars, etc to help them in their work! We have also now added Ocean Spirits – there is a detailed list of everything our projects require on our website!