Yes!  We are happy to welcome children aged 8 and over to stay in either Pelican or Beachcomber villa plus d’information. Due to some design features of the villa, our insurance company has asked us to limit the age of children.

Unfortunately we cannot accept pets, to be fair to other guests.  Not everyone is thrilled with pets around them so we need to be thoughtful of their holiday as well.

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Grenada is only 21 miles long and 13 miles wide, and with good roads for the Caribbean, it is possible to drive right around it in about 2.5 hours.

We are on the north-east corner, about opposite from the airport, so roughly an hour and a quarter drive, depending on which route you take.

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Yes!  We provide linens (100% cotton) and bath towels, along with hand towels, dish cloths, and kitchen tea towels.  We also provide beach towels.

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Grenada uses 220 power and plugs (like the United Kingdom) but we have wired Pelican and Beachcomber both with a few additional 110 plugs like the United States or Canada have.

Please bring your own travel adapters, and be sure the voltage range on your appliances will work safely with them.  Most laptops, cameras, and phones are just fine.

Excellent question! We support the GSPCA (Grenada Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) Grenada SPCA who go above and beyond in helping dogs and cats on the island. Our own rescue dogs Big Joe and Harry have benefited hugely from their thoughtful assistance (we actually adopted Joe from them) and here are some before and after photos of them so you can see the sort of challenges they are adept at dealing with!

Please bring collars, leads/leashes or other helpful items to us to be donated in your name.


We are also thrilled to support Pack for a Purpose as we have many guests who bring school supplies, reference and reading books, music instruments and art supplies for our local school, the River Sallee Government School. We’ll be posting a blog soon with all the details!

We are proud members of Pack for a Purpose, an initiative that allows travelers like you to make a lasting impact in the community at your travel destination. If you save just a few kilos of space in your suitcase and bring supplies for area schools or medical clinics in need, you’ll make a priceless impact in the lives of our local children and families. Please click here to see what supplies are needed for our project/projects. Your donations help Grenada more than you could ever imagine!


Grenada uses Eastern Caribbean Dollars (XCD), allso called EC Dollars here.  US dollars are fine, credit cards are accepted in bigger shops & very few restaurants in the north, but more in the south.  Our closest restaurant, Aggie’s, is cash only, for example, and you might be able to use a card in a larger gas station.  We always found it wise to withdraw some local cash from the bank machine or change some Canadian, US or British Pounds Sterling cash at the bank (you’ll need ID) so you can buy little things like beer or chicken & chips on the beach.  Most people are happy to accept US which is generally at 2.72 EC per 1 US dollar.

Tip: You absolutely must tell your bank and credit card company that you are travelling to Grenada or they will block your cards for fraud protection due to unusual spending!

We are happy to recommend Azars Auto Rentals or McIntyre Brothers, through Caribbean Horizons. Both family-run companies will also deliver to Moonfish, or meet you at the airport. They also carry with them official local driving permits which saves you time and hassle.

Sam Azar and his friendly team are happy to meet you at the airport or deliver the vehicle to you here at Moonfish. We’ve been using them several years and never had a problem. They have a range of vehicles available at reasonable rates.

McIntyre Brothers have been providing us with rental cars since we first started visiting the island in 2003 and they provide well-maintained Honda CRVs with 4 doors and air conditioning, backed by a charming team with excellent customer service.

If you decide to go with another rental car company, make sure they offer an SUV or jeep of some sort (a regular car is too low for getting over some of Grenada’s giant speedbumps!), free delivery to Bathway, and that they are one of the very few companies who guarantee to have the local driving permits with them upon delivery. Otherwise, you may be forced to go all the way to Grenville with them, or on your own by taxi, to get a local permit!

We have tried other companies, and have learned the hard way that there is no comparison!

You can see their rates here:  http://caribbeanhorizons.com/car.html

Let us know if you need help booking your rental vehicle, we’ll be happy to co-ordinate with Azars or McIntyre brothers to help out.

Please note that it is important to book your rental car early, as there are limited rental vehicles on the island and the DO run out!

in waterfalls, explore historical plantation houses and go on dives, snorkelling trips, or whale-watching, then you should definitely rent an SUV for at least part of your trip as these are a bit further away!


However, If you plan to simply relax by the pool, walk on the beach or go on local hikes then one of our local taxi drivers can take you to restaurants out of walking distance, and a taxi to Sauteurs (our closest town) should be only $40 EC round trip plus d’information. Some guests enjoy going to Fish Friday with a taxi even when they have a rental car, which includes waiting for your return trip for only 160 EC.

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