Grenada Goes Green(er)!

Grenada Bans Styrofoam and Single Use Plastic

plastic ban Grenada Grenada Goes Green

Grenada bans single use plastic

We are thrilled to announce that Grenada has banned polystyrene, commonly referred to as “Styrofoam” on the island!  As of 1 September 2018 there is a ban on the importation of polystyrene and the sale of these items will be banned from 1 March, 2019. Styrofoam is commonly used for takeaway beverage and food containers across the islands of the tri-island state of Grenada. There are already biodegradable products being used by many vendors and restaurants, which are more ecologically-friendly.

Environmental groups and residents created great deal of pressure for the change, including campaigns and petitions, which led to the decision by our forward-thinking government leaders.  These new laws will help everybody in their efforts to support the aspirational message Pure Grenada a few years ago!

From 1 February 2019 there was a ban implemented on the use of single-use shopping bags, plastic cutlery, and plastic straws  Shops and food vendors have 10 months in which to use up the last of their single-use plastic supplies.  We are thrilled to see the  whole country embrace the move to ‘greener’ options!

Plastic bag ban

Single use plastic bags are now banned in Grenada!

Grenada is home to outstanding natural beauty, with its many beaches, waterfalls, soaring mountains with cloudforest and rainforest regions. The creation and enforcement of these new laws which complement the country’s anti-littering laws. Toghether, they can serve to benefit the residents and visitors.

Why not slip a string bag or compact folding shopping bag or two into your case for use during your travels and help Grenada Go Green(er)! While you are planning your trip, please consider helping us Pack for a Purpose – thanks!

polystyrene ‘styrofoam’ is now banned in Grenada!