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If you haven’t visited us yet, MoonFish Beach Houses are located directly on Bathway Beach, in the beautiful north of Grenada.  Owned by Kitty & Russ Jarman Price, we have been open just over a year, and we thought this newsletter would be a great way to keep our friends up to date with details about changes and upgrades to the villas, local events, and special offers.    We are looking forward to sharing this spectacular part of the world with you in our monthly newsletters.

Beach House News
We are planning to introduce 360-degree virtual tours on our website in the next little while, which will help us share new photos of the villas and gardens.  We just need to wait until our flurry of guests depart so we have time to dress the rooms and learn how to “stitch” the photos together! Our kitchens have recently been improved with new stainless steel sinks and tile backsplashes complete the new look – and I learned how to grout tiles!  We’ve also added measuring cups & spoons to go with the selection of Caribbean cookbooks chosen to inspire you to try the wonderful fresh local seafood & produce!
The new bedside cabinets were great fun to build for the bedrooms, with drawer pulls made from beachcombed rope and rocks that had holes through them that were found along the coast in the UK (… hmm, I sense a theme here). I’ve still got 2 more to design! Due to popular demand we’ve also added a hairdryer to each house, which hopefully will allow you to leave room in your suitcase to bring home more memories of Grenada!

We’ve recently discovered a great little shop in Grand Bras run by Andre, who was sent to Taiwan on a certificate program to train and build on generations of weaving skills.  Andre and his apprentices create lamps & shades, bamboo vases & ashtrays, as well as charming bamboo & coconut wind chimes. We’ll be putting some of his crafts in the Beach Houses soon, and let you know how to find him!

The gardens at MoonFish are filling in nicely, with flowers attracting a growing number of birds, including more hummingbirds.  We are also enjoying harvesting our own bananas and rock figs, which are small fat bananas that taste of apple and pear – delicious!

Someone pointed out to me last week that there is absolutely no mention of wifi on the website, which must have been cut inadvertantly in a recent update. So, to be safe I thought I should confirm that we do still have wifi to both beach houses.

Brian (all bromeliads are called Brian at MoonFish) has a new flower, Day 1,3, & 5

Christmas found us enjoying the various events at Belmont Estate, with music and fantastic food.  The traditional Christmas Lunch offered at Petite Anse was incredible, our guests reported, and their Sunday Barbeque is growing in popularity.  Russ was lucky enough to go to Fish Friday at Gouyave twice in December, which we had always avoided as we assumed it was loud and rowdy, but he says it was really a good time, without pounding music but it did feature exquisite seafood and fish.  Russ says you absolutely must get there early, 7pm, as the lobster and fish skewers sell out quickly.  So, this is an activity we are definitely recommending to guests from now on!

We are looking forward to the workboat regatta coming up at the end of the month, which will be held at Grand Anse Beach.  It’s a great day out, with traditional handmade boats sailed with varying degrees of skill and friendly spectators milling about tasting local treats and cold Caribs. We’ll share our photos in the next newsletter.

If you haven’t visited yet, you will not have met Joe, our wonderful rescue dog from the GSPCA.  Joe is enormous, but terribly gentle with children and has become a real favourite.  Below you can see Joe at his happiest, with a child snuggling him on his balcony!  Last week Joe was visiting a guest as she sat by the pool, then decided to start showing off his favourite trick.  He walks all the way around the thin edge of the pool, as he is fond of doing while, I try to be cool and calmly coax him back!  This time he was distracted by a mongoose rustling below in the long grass, and promptly toppled into the deep end.  Of course, he’s never been in the pool and swum ever deeper whilst I leapt in fully clothed to support his lumbering paddling & guide him to the shallow end.  Next time you come visit us you will see the charming white picket gate that now guards the steps to up to the pool & deck… You can see more photos of Big Joe on our Facebook Page

Joe is no longer permitted by the pool!

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