Welcome to Grenada, Welcome Home!

On our first visit to Grenada over a decade ago, the very stern-looking customs agent checked our passports and asked if we had visited the Island before. We replied no, and he broke into a big smile and said ‘why not!?” It really set the tone for our experiences here, and started our love affair with the Spice Isle.

Last month we went on holiday to visit family in Canada, and on the return journey the man in the customs booth inspected our brand new Permanent Residence cards – of which we are very proud – ‘Welcome Home!’ he grinned.

On the drive home, I remembered our last return home to Grenada, Heslyn, our regular driver, met us outside the arrival hall holding our own MoonFish sign, which he has had laminated to greet our incoming guests – a big grin on his face at his joke. After a hug, we had to wait for him to bring the van around as we had used every bit of our luggage allowance, squeezing in donations for our Pack for a Purpose projects into every available space and it was extremely heavy.

As we stood by the fountain under the pergola, with small children trailing their hands in the water under the stars, a group of local ladies had gathered to one side, singing. Their voices rose in a traditional African song that filled the night with joy. This was no planned concert or tourist promotion, just a group of friends and relatives enjoying eachother’s company as they waited to greet friends and family arriving on the next flight. What an introduction to the island our fellow travellers had that night!

Welcome to Grenada – Welcome Home!

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