Rescue Puppies!

Rescue Puppies at Moonfish Grenada

We enjoyed a lovely visit to Moonfish Grenada in June & July! Near the end of our visit a neighbour’s lovely dog sadly passed away a few days after giving birth to 8 gorgeous puppies.  We jumped in to help, working with the Grenada SPCA. We took them home to bottle feed until fosters could be found.  This meant feeding by bottle every two hours 24/7 at first.

It was a panic to find suitable bottle-feeding fosters before we left the island since all the SGU (St George University – our medical and vet school) were all off-island for summer holidays!  Luckily, we were connected with Dana and Mike on Salty Paws, who generously took over these pups when we had to fly out.  You can see fun photos of these wiggle-butts here on their facebook page

Puppies standing

Moonfish Grenada Rescue Puppies

We were incredibly sad to leave these puppies, but our initial struggles keeping them fed and evacuating (puppies and kittens cannot go to the bathroom on their own) cannot be compared to the care and love lavished upon them by Dana and Mike.

How You Can Help Grenada

Grenada struggles with an overabundance of unwanted puppies and kittens. Unfortunatel,y an extensive spay and neuter program is out of the reach of the resuces and veterinarians on the island.   It is believed that one unspayed female dog will produce 67,000 dogs in 6 years if her offspring are also not spayed or neutered.  That rises to 96,000 dogs in 7 years.  Most of these unwanted puppies suffer malnutrition, disease, accidents on the road, parasites, and early death. You can help by donating to the wonderful people at the Grenada SPCA.  When our GoFundMe Campaign ends, I will edit this blog post to direct all animal-lovers to support this wonderful charity.  I will also post any additional Spay and Neuter programs here as they are announced!

We adopted our beloved Big Joe from the Grenada SPCA, and they supported us with our rescue of  dear old Harry Hollywood.  Both of these lovely rescue dogs have since passed on, unfortunately. We encourage guests and travellers to support the Grenada SPCA and our other two projects, the River Sallee School and Ocean Spirits through the Pack for a Purpose program!